Mirta Jusic

Producer, Fixer, Line Producer, Local Producer, Field Producer, Unit Producer, Location Manager, Location Scout with more than 20 years of experience working with foreign productions (TV, film, photo, radio, print) on filming locations in Croatia, Bosnia and other countries in the region. My company offers full production services in Croatia.
I AM BASED IN CROATIA, not in England, and the CITY is ZAGREB, not Venice, of course. I only lived in Venice for some time. I can also work in SARAJEVO (BOSNIA) as a local.

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My Latest Works

2018-19 – I am currently working on my own documentary
2017-currently – documentary-style business videos for the local and international market – production, scripting, interviews, shooting, editing and post
Nov 2018 – research, producing, fixing, interpreting for a documentary in Croatia and Bosnia for the Bertelsmann Foundation (an NGO)
Summer 2018 – producing, fixing for an experimental film for a NGO from Washington, DC
2016 – 17 – research, location scouting, interviews, characters casting, local production, fixing for a documentaries, videos and print articles on the 20 years anniversary of Princess Diana’s death (stories about the mine victims she supported)
2016-17 co-produced “Dancing Girls”, a short film (a Croatian – Turkish co-production, with a female Director and DoP)
2017 produced a fashion shoot in Dubrovnik, Croatia
2016 researach, fixing, interpreting for the Zeljava Underground Air Base episodes of the Abandoned Engineering documentary TV series, with LIke a Shot Entertainment Production for UKTV
2016 Local Producer, Location Manager, Location Scout for The Freezer, a feature film produced by El Sobky Productions
2016 Researcher, Fixer for 60 Minutes, Nine Network, Australia
2015 covered the refugee crises in Croatia as a Producer for the CCTV crew (American desk)
2015 Local Producer, Location Manager – Eternal Glory TV series with TwoFour Broadcast for ITV, UK
2015 Fixer, interpreter for two episodes of the National Geographic documentary series
2014 Local Producer, Fixer, Location Scout, Location Manager for a promo docu-style featurette for Samsung’s NX1 digital camera with National Geographic
2014 Fixer, Location Scout, Location Manager for two episodes of the Discovery Channel TV series Unexplained
2013 Fixer, interpreter for BBC Fast Track, Croatia Direct
2013 Fixer, interpreter – a documentary for KRO TV, Netherlands
2012 Fixer on the Zagreb, Croatia episode of the House Hunters International TV series
2010-11 Line Producer, Fixer, Location Scout, Location Manager for the shooting of interviews with the members of the resistance in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia for the French documentary series Shadow Fighters – Arte (France and Germany)
2009 Producer, Fixer for Sunday Night for Channel 7, Australia on three separate stories
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