Dedolight PanAura7

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Dedolight PanAura7

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Dedicated soft light
– Full Power Daylight / Full Power Tungsten light
– Convertible by simple lamp change.
– Two separately switchable and dimmable Daylight lamps 575 W.
– Two separate ballasts, flicker-free.
– Our newly developed Tungsten Metal Halogen Lamp offers a light output identical to the daylight lamp – 80 Lumen per Watt. – – This equals 4 times the light output in comparison to a traditional Tungsten halogen lamp.
– These new dedolight Tungsten metal halogen lamps are fully compatible with our daylight lamps.
– Hot restrike and fully compatible identical ballasts.
– Higher Output
– Eventhough we do not favor the hotspot philosophy, we still have 140 percent light level in the center compared to a 5000 W Tungsten Fresnel with a Chimera and we use only 1150 W.
– 250 percent light level towards the rim compared to a 5000 W Tungsten Fresnel with Chimera soft box – and we use only 1150 W.
– PanAura compares favorably with a Chimera softbox on a 2.5 kW HMI studio light – more light, and we use only 1150 W.


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